How I Make $2000+ per Month Working Online

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I’ve been in the work from home online arena since 2007, but this year has been my year to really ramp up my efforts. Most of my income has been just supplemental. Fun money, as some of you may call it. Money that goes for outings, vacations, and new toys or games.



With the wealth knowledge I’ve gained from working online, it’s time to start sharing! I currently make  at least $2000 per month with my online income ventures. The key? Putting your eggs in more than one basket.

Now, starting out you may not want to try 5 things at once. Or even 3. That’s perfectly fine – in fact, it’s recommended to start and grow one venture before moving to the next.

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That way, you have time to learn about business and grow your income. You will start seeing success, and the money you earn can fuel other ventures you are yearning to try.

How I Make $2000+ Per Month Online

how-i-make-2000-online-smallThere are many ways to get your start earning an online income, but here are the three ways I would most recommend going about it!

  1. Freelance Writing. This is where I got my start many moons ago. I began writing blog posts and articles for website owners. There are many online marketers that need content, but don’t have the time to write it. If you want to become a freelance writer, this is where YOU would come in!
  2. Virtual Assistant. This can include content creation, but VAs tend to do a lot of other mundane, busy tasks to free up their client’s time. These duties may include blog management, social media growth or management, email management, blog post or giveaway promotions, or booking appointments and travel arrangements.
  3. Blogging. This is by far my favorite way to make money. My parenting blog, Momerish, features all the topics I enjoy talking about…and I sometimes get paid to talk about them! There are many ways to make money with a blog, including sponsored posts, ads, affiliate marketing, and selling your own products. Though it’s my favorite, this online income venture generally takes the longest to build.

These are just three of the MANY ways you can earn an online income. However, these are three that I have found the most success with, both in terms of money and personal enjoyment.

What You Need to Make $2000+ Per Month Online

In order to make money online with any of these three options, you are going to need a web presence. Luckily, starting a blog doesn’t cost much at all – in fact, you can get one up and running for less than $45!

You would likely make that initial investment back with your first client.

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Even if you don’t want to venture into blogging, having a blog for your VA or freelance writing business will allow you to showcase your skills and knowledge, as well as give you a spot on the web where clients can find out more about you and contact you for a job.

Along with a blog/website, you should start being active on social media. This will help you land gigs or blogging campaigns, as well as prove your skills in social media management (should you decide to offer that as a VA service in the future).

I recommend setting up a Facebook page and Twitter handle at the very least. If you will be blogging, Pinterest is also an essential.

What if I Want to Make More than $2000 Per Month?

No problem! It is totally doable to scale any of the three ventures I mentioned above to meet your income needs. I know freelancers and VAs who make $5000+ each month, and bloggers who earn more like $10K+ per month!

With freelance writing and VA, you will start to raise your rates as you get more clients and experience. Better yet, you can do more than one of them, so you have multiple income streams. For blogging, as you grow your blog traffic and social media and get more engagement, you ad and affiliate revenues will increase.

You can also raise your rates for sponsored posts on your blog, while turning away offers that don’t meet your rates in order to free up more time to other work. Also, you can begin offering your own products (ebooks/courses) on your blog to really boost your income.

How do you make your online income? Are you looking to move into other ventures? If you are just getting started, which avenue seems to interest you the most?

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11 Comments on “How I Make $2000+ per Month Working Online”

  1. Love this! I appreciate that you showed other avenues of online income versus the standard affiliate marketing that most people talk about. So thank you for the refreshing insight!!

  2. For the first time I have felt that I have read something that will help me out with the direction that I move in. Thank you so much!!! This helps me out so much and I hope one day I can progress in this field. It’s one of my dreams to accomplish.

    1. I hope it helps you, Lizbeth. Is there are a particular route you are wanting to go? Blogging? Freelancing?

  3. Hello Kecia,
    I`m very excited, and I appreciate the value of your awesome post.
    For me I make about $1500-2000/month working online as an affiliate marketer. It`s really the easiest way to make at least $1000 working online.

    Affiliate marketing is a general category that includes dozens of ways to make money online. The basic idea, however, is that you’ll generate content that points prospects to a sales page. If they buy that product, you make a commission.

    All my best wishes for you Kecia

  4. Thanks for this down to earth explanation of how this online income thing really works! I have been frustrated with knowing I have the creativity and talents that I want to share online in a blog, but not having the business savvy to get it done! I look forward to learning more from reading your posts.

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