Grow your Affiliate Marketing Income to $50,000/Month – Interview with Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

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After taking Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, I couldn’t wait to have the creator, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner on the blog for an interview! If you’ve been on the fence about the online course, read on to find out how helpful it can be to growing your online income! Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Interview with Michelle¬†Schroeder-Gardner What made you decide to start a blog? In August of 2011, I started my personal finance blog with the … Read More

How to Grow your Blog with Giveaways + Giveaway Tracker Printable

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We are always trying to get more page views, followers, and email subscribers. Your blog really depends on those three things. Something I haven’t seen talked about much, that has brought me great success in growing my blog, is giveaways! What is a Blog Giveaway? A blog giveaway is just as it sounds…a giveaway you run on your blog! There are programs that will help you set up, manage, and pick the winners of your … Read More

15 Useful Holiday Gift Ideas for Bloggers

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It’s here, the most valuable holiday gift ideas for bloggers! We all want to grow our blogs and businesses, and you can get some very nice gifts that can help. If you have a blogger in the family, consider these gifts! I you are a blogger, add a few of these to your wish list!   15 Useful Holiday Gift Ideas for Bloggers Digital Camera – Bloggers need high quality photographs to bring their posts … Read More

Explode your Blog Traffic & Income This Holiday Season!

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Increasing blog traffic is at the top of most bloggers’ minds as we approach the holiday season. More people are shopping online, reading blogs for reviews and recommendations. If you are using affiliate marketing to monetize your blog, you certainly want the best tips and tricks to driving more eyes to your gift guides and recommendations!   Pinterest is a great tool for exploding your blog traffic at any time of the year, but it’s … Read More

4 Areas of Online Business You Need to Study for Affiliate Marketing Success

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There is no doubt that affiliate marketing can be a huge money maker on the internet. Folks like Michelle from Making Sense of Cents are raking the income in month after month – to the tune of $50,000! Would you like to be one of those marketers? While taking an affiliate marketing course is very helpful when learning the ins and outs of making money by promoting other people’s products, there are more specialized topics … Read More