7 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid

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If you want to make money with your blog by promoting products and services, you want to be sure you aren’t making these affiliate marketing mistakes. Affiliate marketing is a great way to create semi-passive income from your blog and email list. I state semi-passive because you should always be promoting your links. However, you can earn from writing a single blog post that has affiliate links in it. Many bloggers love this method because … Read More

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review: 7 Reasons It’s My Favorite Keyword Research Tool

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Jaaxy Review

My Jaaxy┬áKeyword Tool review will tell you exactly why you should consider this blogging tool for yourself! I have used a number of keyword research tools over the years. For a while I stuck with Google’s tool (now called Keyword Planner), since it was free. However, since they now show ranges rather than exact numbers, it’s difficult to determine whether a keyword is worth working for. Long Tail Pro was my favorite for a long … Read More

11 Tips to Increase your Chances of a Viral Blog Post

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Every blogger dreams of writing a viral blog post. Once you have had one, it’s like a drug – you want to write more posts that bring that much traffic and have social media shares that are off the charts. I mean, who wouldn’t want to wake up to a zillion page views and comments you could never hope to answer? What exactly is a viral blog post? The term is very subjective. For some, … Read More

11 Successful Blogs on Building an Online Income You Should be Reading

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One of the best ways to improve your online income is to read other successful blogs. In your niche, you should be connecting and networking with bloggers by reading, commenting, and sharing their blog posts. Not only will most do the same for you, but you could learn new things from the reading. Since I have really started focusing on Online Income Mom, I have been reading more blogs that discuss making money online, growing … Read More

PicMonkey Editor Tutorial: How to Create Pin-worthy Images

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Check out the pin-worthy images tutorial and cheatsheet!

The PicMonkey editor has become one of my top blogging tools. It’s very easy to use, very affordable if you opt for the paid plan, and has lots of features to offer a blogger. When I started blogging, Pinterest wasn’t yet a thing. I didn’t worry much about my images, only adding them in product reviews and maybe doing a Wordless Wednesday every now and then. Boy, have things changed! Thankfully, the PicMonkey editor came … Read More