6 Ways to Survive the Holidays without Losing your Blog Readers

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Fresh content that is consistently published is what creates loyal readers for blogs. Your fans will come back to your blog week after week to see what new information you have shared. During the holidays, however, it can be difficult to keep up with your blog.

There are gifts to buy and wrap, holiday desserts to bake, family to spend time with, a tree to decorate – the list goes on and on. How do you make time for blogging when you are already so busy? Just letting it go until January may not be the best thing, since you risk losing readers when your blog “dies”.


The solution? Get creative with your content! Learn how to blog during the busy holiday season in a way that doesn’t take up so much time. This way, you can still enjoy the season without being on your computer all day, and your readers still get to see something new now and then!

How to Survive the Holidays without Losing Blog Readers

1. Republish older content. If you have posts that haven’t gotten you traffic in several months, it may be time to bring them back to the top! Read through these older posts, updating any information that needs it. You can also create new Pinterest images and other social media graphics so it looks new. A refresh and new graphics is likely less time consuming than creating new content altogether.

Don’t worry about your readers being upset that you are re-sharing something you wrote months ago. Most of your readers have probably never saw super old content. Plus, when you update and add to it, it’s beneficial for them to give it another look.

2. Repurpose other forms of content into blog posts. Do you have any ebooks, videos, or audio recordings you have created on your blog topic? You can use these to create new content for your blog!

If you have content on your YouTube channel, for example, that you’ve never actually posted about on your blog, do a roundup of your most popular videos. The same can be done for podcast episodes.

You can also have audio or video transcribed so that you can publish a text blog post during the holidays. Hiring this out frees up your time to spend with your family while still getting fresh content for your blog!

3. Stay semi-active on social media. Even if you can’t blog as much as you usually do during the holidays, it’s still a good idea to check in with your followers. Just a simple post explaining what you are doing or why you are away is sufficient.Helpful blogging tips for surviving the busy holidays without losing readers!

This lets your readers get to know you a little better, and see there is a real person behind your blog. If you can be personable, most won’t abandon you even if you blog hasn’t had a new post published in 3 weeks or more!

You can also use schedulers like CoSchedule or TailwindΒ to keep your social media accounts active when you don’t have time to post!


4. Engage over email. Your most loyal fans are probably subscribed to your newsletter. Reach out to them to let them know you are busy with the holidays. They are probably drowning in holiday tasks themselves! Even when you can’t post on your blog, a 10-minute email to your subscribers can keep everyone sticking with you until the busy season is over.

5. Hire a virtual assistant to help. Sometimes, bloggers just need a little help keeping things running smoothly during the holidays. A VA will free up so much of your time because they specialize in the mundane tasks, like publishing posts, creating images, and social media management. If all you had to do was write the post and let someone else take care of the rest, your blog would stay alive during the holidays!

6. Ask for guest posts. It’s common practice for bloggers to ask others for guest posts when they know they are going to be away and unable to create content. Along with holidays, vacations or caring for a loved one are other times you could seek guest posts. And it’s a win-win for everyone, because the guest poster will receive some link love from the post they send you!

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What are your best tips for surviving the holidays without losing blog readers?

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54 Comments on “6 Ways to Survive the Holidays without Losing your Blog Readers”

  1. I’d be needing these tips in a couple of months, thank you for sharing them!
    I do agree with the staying active on social medias, I believe as a content creator on the internet, that should be the least you can do for your audience.

    1. I agree – keeping the communication on social media alive is important to let your readers know you are still there, just busy!

  2. Hi Kecia, thank you for these tips. I have been trying to figure out what to write for the holidays. This really helps. Thank you for sharing, xoxo

  3. Thanks for this great post. This is definitely something I’ve begun to think about for the holiday season, and these tips are very helpful.

  4. The holidays are always hard for me, especially this year because I am due to have a baby any day now! I may look into hiring a virtual assistant!

  5. These are great tips! The holidays can get hectic! Keeping your readers engaged will get you through the holidays!

    1. Thanks, Jena! Just enough engagement will definitely get you through the holidays without losing readers or fans.

  6. It’s so hard to keep it fresh when we are busy for the holidays. I never know what I can repeat and start stressing.

    1. Take a look at your older content, Kim. Do you have holiday posts from the past that you’d like new eyes on? Consider republishing those!

  7. Man, the holidays are hard for everyone – it’s so busy! I can’t believe it is time to do it again already!

  8. These are great tips! I must be crazy, because I’m making a move across the country during the holiday season. I need to line up a few guest posters ASAP. πŸ™‚ (PS: sharing on Pinterest!)

    1. Republishing can be very beneficial when you don’t have time to sit down and write something completely new!

    1. You’re welcome, Patricia. I have refreshed quite a few articles on my parenting blog, and they have done better at bringing in traffic as a result.

    1. Thank you for pinning, Tanya! It sounds like you are already using some great methods for blogging during the holiday season.

  9. I couldn’t live without my schedulers. Social media can be sooo time-consuming for me and I love having programs that help me stay on top of it all. I love your idea to get guest posters for the holiday season. Definitely think I’m going to take advantage of that! Thanks for the tip!

  10. I try really hard to post to the season. Keeping content fresh and looking for things that will help with the holidays. Thanks for sharing your work!

  11. Great tips! Republishing and editing old content is really valuable. I love looking through my older posts to see what can be repurposed if it can help my readers!

    1. I agree, Kristin – refreshing is super valuable! And, it’s a lot less time consuming than writing a new post from scratch.

  12. Great tips and ideas! I love the idea of republishing posts! Sometimes I look back at pieces I first wrote and I think about re-posting for my newer readers, and especially because it’s so hard to get things out during the holidays!

  13. Great tips! For me January is my busiest time (personal trainer) so it tends to be a slower time for me now allowing me to trep ahead for the crazy new year. I’m all about the prep!

  14. These are all great tips! I love the idea about re-publishing older posts! I have so many that never got any viewers from the old days before I had a real readership! Time to bring some back!

  15. These are really great ideas! I hadn’t given this topic much thought. Thanks for the reminder of how to keep my blog alive and thriving over the holidays.

  16. Great suggestions!!!! I try to be as unique as possible when it comes to
    Anything sponsored. I never want to come off too sales-y!

  17. I definitely plan on reusing old content this holiday season because between holidays with my family and graduating college — time is just going to get a little tight!! Great ideas!

  18. These are all great ideas! I have been overwhelmed by my blog lately, so will give these tips a try!!

  19. I think these are great ideas!! Maybe a blogger can write a few posts ahead of time, and have them schedule to publish if they are worried about not having anything on their blog. Guest posts is a good idea too!

    1. I agree, Whitney! I try to schedule posts in advance to keep my blog from looking deserted all the time!

  20. These are wonderful tips! My biggest traffic is usually during the colder months. I guess it’s because most people are cooped in. πŸ™‚

  21. I’m definitely dreading that holiday slump but these tips are amazing! I’m definitely going to keep these in mind so that my blog traffic doesn’t plummet this season!

    1. Hopefully you don’t see much of a slump, Caroline. My parenting blog has quite a bit of holiday content, so it’s usually just the week around Christmas that is low for me.

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