3 Simple Image Creation Tools for your Blog

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3 Image Creation Tools for your Blog

Your blog needs clear, crisp images for a number of reasons, and thankfully, image creation tools are easy to find online. Each post should have a vertical (long) image that is designed for Pinterest, with bright colors and a helpful text overlay. They should also have a wider, horizontal image for sharing on Facebook and Twitter. If you have a long post, you’ll want to use images to help tell your story and break up … Read More

How to Set Virtual Assistant Rates that Get You Hired

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Setting your Virtual Assistant Rates

Today, I’m handing the blog over to my good friend, Stephanie, to talk about setting virtual assistant rates. Stephanie has a ton of experience working as a VA, and I am honored that she’s here to share her experiences! How to Set your Virtual Assistant Rates One of the most often asked questions that I receive is about setting rates as a VA. It seems like an easy question on the surface. But, pricing is a … Read More

4 Steps to a Successful Social Media Strategy for your Blog

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Finding the perfect social media strategy for your blog can sound daunting, especially for bloggers that are just getting started. However, once you can master a successful strategy, you will be able to reach a wider audience and drive more traffic to your site. You may be asking: Which social media strategy will work best for my blog? What’s the best way to begin? Read on to learn four steps to a social media strategy for your blog … Read More

Income Report: How I Made $1820 Online in October 2016

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Welcome to my first income report here at Online Income Mom! I have been super hesitant to share my income here on the blog, but I see so many other bloggers doing it. I know how motivational it is for me to see how others are making money online. I think we are all drawn to the exact numbers to know if something works or not. So, it’s time for me to give back! Plus, … Read More

Editorial Calendars – An Essential Content Creation Hack for Bloggers

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It’s no secret that a blog needs content to thrive, and editorial calendars will help you. Not only do you need to be regularly pumping out new blog posts, you also need to be continually sharing the posts you’ve already published. Every post you put out on the web should work for you for several months – or years – to come. With so much going on to keep a blog running, it can be … Read More